The Networking Ninja – You’ve Been HYPNOTIZED!

Whether you know it or not…you’re hypnotized. 

Starting before you were actually born, you’ve been programmed to act certain ways and exhibit certain behaviors.

Napolean Hill refers to this pre-programming as Hypnotic Rhythms.

And it is these hypnotic rhythms that ultimately lead us to where we are in the world we live in.

Sometimes we reach a certain place in our lives, in our relationships, in our businesses and in our jobs and we get stuck. We come to a halt in our growth. Different people reach these places at different times in their lives.

 We come to a halt because we have established hypnotic rhythms that keep us in that one place and won’t allow us to move forward.

Negativity, self-doubt, anger, fear, jealously, laziness and resentment are all  the result of well-established hypnotic rhythms.

And we unconsciously reinforce these behaviors over and over again, which makes it all that much harder to break free.

Example:  We tell ourselves over and over again why we can’t do something, or why a certain idea would not work for us, or why we aren’t getting certain things out of life that we think…or wish…we could, or why we can’t advance beyond a certain level of success and happiness.

Hypnotic  rhythms keep us from getting our ducks in a row.

FACT:  We can all achieve so much more than we are achieving right now if we learn how to break free of certain hypnotic rhythms.

Breaking free of hypnotic rhythms takes work, practice and determination.  But most of all it takes ACTION.  There must be a willingness to create change.

 It is about breaking old, limiting habits and behaviors and creating new ones.

And it all begins with how we talk to ourselves.  We must learn to say the right things.

We have to learn how to talk back to that negative inner voice (Elmo) that is constantly keeping us on track to stay where we are.  We do this by using daily affirmations and positive self-talk and taking certain deliberate, calculated steps to re-program ourselves.

We are all exactly where we are today and accomplishing what we are accomplishing because we have unconsciously chosen it and we accept it.  It is nothing more than hypnosis.  We are hypnotized to do what we do.

I challenge YOU to identify just one hypnotic rhythm in your life that is holding you back from doing what you know deep down inside  you need to do.

It could be a business decision.  It could be contacting a certain prospect.  Or it could be something more personal like apologizing to someone or asking for someone’s forgiveness.   

 Once you’ve identified it, agree to take just one small baby step…TODAY…to change it.

And then tomorrow… take another small step.

 If you will do this each and every day, it won’t be long before you find yourself headed in a new direction.

I hope this makes sense to you. 

And thanks again for reading my letters.


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