Create a Thriving Business by Learning How To Create Multiple Streams of New Customers Who Keep Showing Up At Your Door  Raising Their Hands And Saying, “We Want To Do Business With YOU!” 

We offer seminars/workshops for you, your staff and your sales team to show you exactly how to use our PROVEN systems, strategies and techniques to easily increase the number of referrals and new customers for your small business.

Some of Hal’s Most Popular Seminars/Workshops Include:

  • The “Thirty Second Selling “ Method –  In this powerful 4 hour workshop you will learn EXACTLY how to sell yourself and your product/service to someone in thirty seconds or less.  This technique is AMAZINGLY SIMPLE and DEADLY EFFECTIVE.  It will change the way you sell for the rest of your life…I GUARANTEE IT!


  • How To Double Your Business In 12 Months Or Less – If each of your current customers referred you to just one new customer over  the next year, you would double you business in 12 months. In this workshop I’ll show you how to train your employees…and your customers…to do that.  It’s not rocket science.


  • 15 BIG REASONS  Why Some People Choose To Do Business With Your Competition Instead Of YOU! (And what you can do to change that right now) 90 min..  In this session you will discover why business is slipping right through your fingertip each and every day and you just don’t realize it.  The reasons will definitely surprise you!


  • Massive Lead Generation Made Easy –Discover how anyone can use their business card to generate leads and referrals from total strangers they meet on the street (and earn up to $189.68/hr in their spare time!)  90 min.


  • 46 Strategies GUARANTEED To Bring People To Your Door Ready To Do Business With YOU!  2 hrs. You can’t take notes fast enough in this one.


  • The Book On Customer Service:  The Cold, Hard, No Holds Barred, Down and Dirty TRUTH About Customer Service! 90 min.  Discover how to use ‘Shock & Awe’ customer service tips and strageties that will get you lots more referrals…and GUARANTEED to create loyal lifetime customers who want to refer you over and over again! 


  • Easy Elevator Speech -12 Steps To Building A Killer Elevator Speech GUARANTEED To Take YOU To The TOP!  1 hr. Learn how to stand up in front of a group of total strangers and deliver a compelling message that makes them want to do business with YOU. 


  • 12 Psychological Buying Response Triggers To Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Response From Your Website, Yellow Pages, Magazine, Newspaper, Or Any Other Print Advertising! 1 hr. (Learn the  real reason people choose one ad over another. It’s definitely not what you think!)


  • How To Walk Into A Room Filled With People You Don’t Know And, One-By-One, Turn Total Strangers Into Lifetime Referral Partners!  1 hr. (a step-by-step instruction on how to go out and work a room successfully and get referrals!)


  • How To Train Your Subconscious Mind To Deliver All The Health, Wealth and Happiness You Deserve! 1 hr. (A humorous look at the subconscious mind and this one will change the way you think about things for the rest of your life!) My most popular session.


  • How To Use An Ugly One-Page Newsletter To Get More New Clients, Generate More Cash Flow and  Make More Money…Guaranteed! 2 hrs. (learn how to send out a simple little one page tri-folded newsletter and get your customers to respond and buy your service and give you referrals!)


  • 10 Proven Strategies GUARANTEED to Get You More Referrals From Your Community Networking Efforts.  1 hr. (concepts and strategies that you must know and understand in order to get more effective results from your community networking efforts)


  • Sell More Jobs – How To Sell 30-60% More Jobs Or Services Without Getting Any Additional Leads! 1 hr. (Learn how to get the prospect to say ‘YES’ before you ever even do your inspection!)

I am always willing to put my money and reputation on the line with  my Bold, No Bull, No Risk, 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Hal’s Personal Guarantee:

“If you hire me to speak at your conference, present a seminar at your office, or consult with you on an hourly basis, and, at the end of the day your are not 100% SATISFIED that you got your money’s worth…plus a whole lot more…..I will promptly and politely refund the entire cost of the session…….period!” Hal Coleman

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