Networking Ninja Tip – Write This Down!

I spend most of my time these days coaching small business owners, writing marketing and sale articles, and presenting seminars and workshops on how to get more new customers and more new business.

 I also attend seminars and workshops myself.

Occasionally someone will comment on the fact that I seldom give out handouts prior to or during my workshops. If I give one, it is usually at the end.

There is a specific reason why I do it that way.

 Research has PROVEN that writing something down increases commitment and increases memory! 

If you are given a handout prior to or during a presentation, you tend to begin reading the handout. This often becomes a distraction and causes you to lose focus.  You automatically begin forming your own interpretations, and reaching your own conclusions…even before the presenter has gotten started.

That’s why…if I do have a handout for my attendees…I usually wait and give it to them after the session is over.

Handouts can be distracting and lead to missed information, which equals to missed benefits and missed opportunities.  (The exception to this is if your handout contains action exercises that you will be leading the group through.)

And, the way I look at it, if someone is too lazy to take notes, they’re probably too lazy to take action anyway.   (And you know where most handouts end up don’t you?)

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m one of the worst note takers of all time.  I’m lazy myself.  I want to take the easy route.  Just give me the damn handout so I can daydream.  I’ll go over it later and figure it out.

But I can honestly attest to the FACT that…when I am forced to take notes…when I physically write it down myself…in my own personal communication style and wording… I am much more likely to come away with good information that I can and will use in the future.

I hope this is helpful to you the next time you attend…or give…a presentation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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