The Networking Ninja- Wow, I didn’t expect this!

My wife Lynn likes to give people presents.

 It doesn’t have to be a birthday or anniversary or any other special occasion.

 If she sees something that she would like to give someone, she just buys it and gives it to them.  She calls it a Happy Day Present. 

Now I ask you, is that not cool? 

Actually, she is the most giving person I have ever known. It’s just one of the many things I love about her (I know she’s gonna read this).

So…when was the last time YOU gave one of your customers a Happy Day Present? 

Can you recall the last time you absolutely blew a customer away by giving them something…or doing something for them…totally unexpected? 

If you aren’t giving Happy Day Presents to your customers from time to time, you need to start because you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

It can be a free service, free gift, movie tickets, gift certificate, dinner for two, bottle of wine, a cake, invitation to a cookout, etc., etc., etc. 

Whether you’re in a home service industry such as pest control, roofing, plumbing, painting, lawn care, house cleaning…or you are a professional person such as a doctor, lawyer or accountant…it doesn’t matter.

It’s what I refer to in my book as ‘Shock & Awe’ Customer Service. (

You are limited only by your own creativity and generosity.

Bottom line is this:  Find a way to blow your customer’s minds by doing something totally unexpected and outrageous.  It will endear them to you for life. It will also make them talk about you in the most positive way….to their friends, family, neighbors and associates.

And that, my friend, leads to more referrals, more new customers and more new business!

Thanks for reading this letter…and I hope YOU have a HAPPY DAY.


PS. I’d love to bring one of my customer service workshops into YOUR OFFICE for you and your entire staff. I’ll show YOU how to create customers who want to go out of their way to get YOU new business!

Feel free to call me at 770-993-0004 or email and let’s talk about some ways I might be able to help YOU grow your business this year.

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