The Networking Ninja – What Happens AFTER The Sale?

If you’re in sales (and we all are, no matter what our actual title is) you typically have some type of introduction, presentation, close and call to action.

Some sales people…the really good ones… take this stuff very seriously.  They are constantly editing, tweaking and refining their entire sales process. 

They never stop learning.  They never stop sharpening.

They are eternal students of selling.

But many sales people make a fatal mistake that leaves the prospective buyer with one big unanswered question. 

And that is:  What happens AFTER I purchase this product/service?

The FACT is…they don’t even really know they have this question…but it is there nevertheless. 

It is in their subconscious mind.  It leaves them with a sense of doubt and fear that they don’t even recognize at the time.

This subconscious doubt and fear causes them to pause at the end of the presentation.  And that pause is oftentimes the fatal “stumble” in the horserace.  It prevents them from “pulling the trigger” and signing on the dotted line.

For this reason, it is very important that you tell your prospect what will happen after the sale. 

Allow them to assume ownership of your product and create an image in their mind of how life will be once you are gone and they are in possession of your product.

This is a powerful response generator.  It allows them to experience what it feels like to own it. 

And it is your job…as a salesperson…to make sure that feeling is a good one.

If you will do that, you will definitely get more signatures on the dotted line.

Thanks for reading this letter, and I hope you have a great day!



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