The Networking Ninja – Past Behavior Indicates Likely FUTURE!

It’s a FACT, people don’t like to change their minds about things. 

Our subconscious brain hates change. Change represents risk so we try to avoid it as much as possible. (This especially applies to men, who are more likely to perceive changing their minds as a sign of weakness.) 

This is very important when it comes to selling!

If you make a proposal to someone and they say NO, that means there is a high likelihood that they will continue to say NO to you in the future.

Therefore it is imperative that you make your presentation in such a way that the prospect can’t help but say YES.  If they say YES initially, there is a much stronger likelihood that they will continue to say YES in the future.

This is referred to as the Law of Consistency.

EXAMPLE:  Suppose you’re in the remodeling business. Let’s say you meet with Fred Johnson and propose a new kitchen  for $28,000.00. Fred might initially balk at such a big price and say NO.  If that happens, it will be difficult to change his mind and close the deal.

But, if instead of presenting the big job first, you pointed out a smaller problem…maybe a leaky faucet… and proposed something like this: “I’ll put together a price for the  kitchen remodeling and then I’ll go over it with you if that’s OK, but why don’t we go ahead and let me take care of this leaky faucet NOW.  Since I’m already here, I won’t charge you for it. Just consider it a favor.  Does that sound reasonable?”

Now, the overwhelming odds are that you’re going to get a YES answer.

And, by Fred saying YES to the free leaky faucet  job, he will be much more likely to say YES to the rather expensive kitchen remodeling job.

People are consistent.  The best indicator of future behavior…is past behavior.

Remember:  Try to always frame your beginning offer in such a way as to get a YES…even if it’s for a free item.  If you will do that, it will increase your chances of getting a YES on the big sale!

Make sense?  I hope so.

Work on this technique and it will increase your sales…I guarantee it!


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