The Networking Ninja – Challenging an old “Sales Truth”!

I was taught early in my sales career in the termite and pest control industry (as were the vast majority of sales people) that, if a person is getting three estimates for a service, it is best for me to be the last one of the three.  Being last gives me a distinct advantage.

I’ve seen many a  sales rep go to great lengths to make sure they were the last ones to present their proposal to a prospective customer.

In the past, I myself have “circled the block” until the other company has left the scene in order to make sure I was last.

But…what if that is not accurate thinking?

What if you found out that you would have a distinct advantage by being first?

Recent studies have actually shown that our old way of thinking is, in fact, wrong!

Neuroscientists have shown that the first person to present actually sets the bar for the others.  And…it is typically easier for a person to assess content to be worse than better.  (NeuroMarketing,  Renvoise’ & Morin, 2007)

So…by being first…you stand a greater chance of staying on top of the list!

 Food for thought.

And definitely worth considering.

Let me know YOUR thoughts on this.



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