15 BIG REASONS Why Some People Are NOT Doing Business With You. (And 15 Things You Can Do To Change That Right Now!)

And believe me, it’s not what you think. (It’s just that you don’t know what you don’t know…..or haven’t thought of.)

 Please answer the following 7 questions honestly…..

 Ever scratch your head and wonder why you don’t have more customers?  I mean after all, you know you have a great product to sell and you’re a good person to do business with. (You’re not allowed to blame it on the economy.  That’s a copout, and I’ll show you why.)

 You know they’re buying it from someone.  Why not from you?

 Ever wonder what it would take to bring more new customers to your door, or make your phone ring more often?

 Ever wonder if there is something else you could be doing that would get you more referrals and more new customers from your networking events and meetings?  Maybe something you haven’t thought of?

 Ever ask yourself what it would take to make more people choose to do business with YOU instead of your competition?

 Do you ever lie awake at night wondering how much longer you can go on like this if something doesn’t change?

 And now—–here’s the BIG QUESTION!  Are you ready and willing to do something different—-in order to make something different happen

 If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you need to be at my next seminar/workshop and be prepared to pay close attention and take notes. 

 Because I’m going to show you exactly WHY you don’t have more customers than you do and exactly WHAT you can do to change that and get more.

 Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”

 You must be ready and willing to own the problem before you can fix it.  You can’t afford to let pride, stubbornness, fear, insecurity or anything else stand in your way. If you do, you’ll lose.

 The sad truth is—most small business owners sit around wringing their hands, hoping for change, waiting for change and praying for change. But very few of them are actually willing to make changes.

 So they continue on down the same path, hanging on by a thread, working their buns off doing the same thing and getting the same result. Until finally, they reach the end and go out of business. 

 And then they sadly look back for the rest of their lives thinking about all of the things they could have done—-or should have done—-differently. And it’s even sadder because their dreams of retirement and security were all wrapped up in the business and now it’s too late. It’s gone.

 No second chance.

 So—-what if there was a second chance NOW?  Would you take it?

 Think about that question very carefully.

 What I am offering you is a clear look at your business TODAY and showing you exactly what you can do TODAY to make it better TOMORROW.

 Are you willing to take that look?  Are you willing to admit that you might not have all of the answers?  Are you open to that possibility?

 Would it be worth 60 minutes of your time to find out?

 WARNING: This experience might make you sick.  It will definitely be gut-wrenching for some of you.  So bring a bucket if you need to.  Just be there. Make sure you don’t miss this because it will change the way you do business forever. (If it doesn’t, you are simply clueless.)

 In 60 minutes I’m going to show you exactly how you can create new streams of referrals and new customers showing up at your door, no matter what business you’re in.  (I’m going to show you why they aren’t there now—-at least not as many as you’d like.)

 And it’s not rocket science.  It’s just stuff you haven’t thought of—-but you really need to—- if you want more customers.

 I’m inviting YOU to join me and a small group of other serious small business owners on (TBA).

And don’t worry about the cost—-because it’s FREE!  But seating is limited, so you MUST CALL (TBA) and pre-register if you want to be there, or you might not get a seat.

 So call (TBA) now and make sure you don’t miss it. 

 This may very well be the most important 60 minutes of your business!

 I hope to see YOU there,

 Hal Coleman, The Networking Ninja

 PS. Feel free to call me at 770-993-0004 or email me at Hal@HalColeman.com if you have any questions or need more information.