The Networking Ninja – How SERIOIUS are YOU about SELLING?

Last week I presented my “Thirty Second Selling” workshop in Alpharetta, Ga. It reaffirmed the fact that, with rare exceptions, small business owners and sales people just don’t take selling nearly as seriously as they should.

And…because they don’t…they lose sales.  It’s just a fact.

Let me ask you this:  Do you have a sales presentation?

Is it written out?

Is it a powerful, compelling, dynamic, hypnotic, seductive, well-thought-out, scripted, proven presentation laid out in proper psychological sequence guaranteed to generate a YES answer?

Can you deliver it with conviction and purpose…even in your sleep?

FACT:  No matter what the industry, when you get to the top sales performers…and I mean the world class sales people who win the national awards every year…they all have certain things in common.

  • They take selling very seriously!
  • They are constantly working on their sales presentations.
  • They know that every word, every inflection, every variation is equally important.
  • They know it backwards and forwards by heart.
  • They have notebooks and/or recorders close by so if…or I should say when…they hit on another good idea…they capture it and work it into their sales presentation. 
  • They never stop sharpening and honing their sales presentations. 
  • They are never satisfied that it is as good as it could be. 
  • They wake up in the middle of the night to write down ideas.
  • They never take selling for granted. 
  • They track every sale, every lead, every contact and every conversation.
  • They post-analyze every presentation.
  • They are spiritual and superstitious when it comes to selling and their sales presentation. 
  • They literally never expect to be told NO.
  • They never stop learning how to improve their selling skills and increase their closing percentages.
  • They are laser focused.
  • If they are not out selling, they are probably working on their sales presentation.
  • And, maybe most important of all…THEY NEVER GIVE UP!

So…let me ask you this question:  How much time do YOU spend learning how to sell more and better?

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a full-time sales position…or if you want to sell your boss (or your employees) on a specific idea you have…or maybe you just want to persuade your spouse, your child, your neighbor or your friend, to do a specific thing…YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO SELL!

Winging it and playing it off the cuff will only get you so far. 

If you rely only on the art of selling and ignore the science of selling, you will never reach your true potential and you will leave a ton of money on the table for the other guys (the ones who do take selling seriously)!

That’s just the way it is.

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