The Thirty Second Selling Method – How To Sell Yourself To Someone In 30 Seconds Or Less And Get Your Foot In The Door The FIRST TIME!

How to get anyone to say YES in 30 seconds or less…

The “Thirty Second Selling” Workshop!

In This Workshop You Will Build YOUR Own POWERFUL, DYNAMIC COMPELLING,  SEDUCTIVE, IRESSISTABLE 30 SECOND SALES PRESENTATION.  (FACT: If you can’t sell yourself to someone in 30 seconds…you probably can’t sell them…period.)

Many small business people have difficulty knowing exactly what to say to other  people to connect with them and create instant magnetism.   If you’ve ever attended one of my sessions, you now understand just how extremely powerful this can be when it comes to getting someone to say YES and CLOSING THE DEAL.

So… I’ve decided to put together a half day workshop solely dedicated to  teaching you how to use the Thirty Second Selling Method and why it works so well.

Here’s what one person said who used my method:

“I attended HalColeman’s workshop and learned his Thirty Second Selling method. The first time I used it was in a job interview and they hired me! They told me that they just couldn’t say NO to me, and If I was that good at selling, they wanted me working for them. I simply did exactly what Hal taught me to do…and it worked just like he said it would.
If you are in sales or have a business and you want more customers, you need to listen to Hal Coleman and learn his Thirty Second Selling method because it works!”  Billy Moody, Commercial Sales

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This is going to be a group effort, let by me, Hal Coleman, to work directly with YOU on your personal Thirty Second Sales Presentation.

We will all work with  each other, one at a time, until we get it right.  And it will be tested by a group of your peers right there in the room!

“Hal Coleman’s  Thirty Second Selling workshop delivers a no nonsense approach to selling your services to anyone, at any time, in 30 seconds or less.  During this workshop I learned to say what I needed to say so that anyone could understand what I do.  In the complicated world of sales and marketing, in this hands-on workshop, Hal was able to help me define, refine, pinpoint my unique selling proposition, and say it in a powerful way that is elegantly simple. And it works!  None of this fumbling around for the right words again.  Thanks, Hal!”  Leah Henderson, Lea Henderson & Associates,  Business Coach, 404-580-9792

“First and foremost I want to thank you so much for meeting with me last Monday and helping me with my opening.  I can tell you that I used that all week and I saw a big difference in how people responded to me and their curiosity grew.  I am writing and rewriting my whole pitch process and I will keep you posted on the results.”  Monica Kahio, Sales, 770-428-2797

In this half day workshop, you will learn…

  • How to get someone to say YES to you  over and over again
  • How to know who the real decision maker is (it’s definitely not who you think)
  • How to get a commitment from someone in 30 seconds or less
  • How to PROVE to someone that YOU are the person they should choose to do business with
  • How to identify the only 6 stimuli that reach the decision-making part of the brain
  • How to craft a POWERFUL, DYNAMIC, COMPELLING, SEDUCTIVE, HYPNOTIC, IRRESITABLE MESSAGE that persuades people to do business with YOU instead of your competitor.
  • How to qualify a person as a good prospect in a way that makes them feel safe and secure
  • How to make it easy for people to buy from YOU
  • How to give your prospects a high level of comfort in making the decision to do business with YOU
  • What to say when someone says, “I’ll think about it.”
  • The number one way to deal with an objection
  • PLUS…a whole lot more good stuff!

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who is in sales and wants to know exactly how to get more people to say YES and sign on the dotted line
  • Anyone who is struggling with not enough customers
  • Anyone who wants to get more new business from their website, ads, brochures, flyers, signs and…especially…their sales presentations.
  • Anyone who has ever (or is now) spent a lot of their hard-earned money of advertising that didn’t work very well.
  • Anyone who is tired of trying to figure out what to do to make the phone ring.
  • Anyone who doesn’t know how to effectively compete against larger companies
  • Anyone who would like to know how to create steady streams of people who keep showing up at your door rainsing thier hands and saying, “We want to do business with YOU!”
  • Anyone who knows you should be doing better but you’re just not sure how

Who should NOT attend:

  • Someone who is set in thier ways and is not able to accept new ideas
  • Someone who is stubborn and won’t listen to anything that is different from thier current beliefs
  • Someone who is afraid of change
  • Someone who is uncoachable
  • Someone who already knows everything there is to know
  • Someone who already has all the answers
  • Someone who truely thinks they have graduated from the school of hard knocks
  • If you are Dog The Bounty Hunter, Tom Cruise or Rosie O’Donnell

But here’s the problem.  This can’t be a large group…10 at the absolute maximum.  That’s because I want to make sure we all, as a group, have a sufficient amount of time to devote to each other.

This  is about YOU and YOUR ability to deliver a 30 second presentation that will give someone no other choice but  to say YES to YOU and YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE.

I want to make sure when you leave this  workshop, you are confident that you have this speech written down and nailed.

“This workshop was helpful, interactive…and informal. I really liked the fact that it was a true workshop where I received personalized advice and specific instruction to take home and use!”  Leslie Richardson, EM Squared, Project Manager

Imagine how it will be knowing that you have exactly the right words at the right time to deliver to someone to compell them to say YES to you over and over again!

And let me say this…it is NOT about manipulation, coersion or getting someone to do something they don’t want to do.  It is about presenting your product/service in such a way that they clearly see the value and “what’s in it for THEM’ and they realize that YOU are the person that they should be doing  business with.  It makes it incredibly easy for them to say YES to YOU.   It’s that simple.

That is the magic of having a great 30 second pitch.  And that is why you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to let me help you.

“In this workshop, I learned not to not let them say NO to my product and how to negate objections to my products.  It is THE sales formula!”   Austin Jones, XM Industries, Sales Representative

 Now…Once I get 8 registrations, I will cut it off at that point.  So, if you are interested in being a part of it, you need to click on the link below and reserve your seat now because I suspect it will fill up quickly.

When: TBA

Where: TBA

Cost: ONLY $197.00

(I say “ONLY $197.00” because, to be quite honest, this is going to help you make more money for the rest of your life, so I think it is a no-brainer investment for you.  But it’s not FREE because it’s what I do for a living.)

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My Personal Guarantee:  As always with my seminars and workshops, if you attend this event and, at the end of the day, you are not happy and don’t think you got your money’s worth, PLUS a whole lot more, all you have to do is tell me and I will give you a full refund…period.  No problem.

So there is no risk to you whatsoever, other than a few hours of your time.

FACT:  Learning how to sell yourself to someone in 30 seconds or less is the most important and powerful tool you can have to help you grow your business, no matter what business you’re in.  And, if you’re in full-time sales, it will help you sell more for the rest of your life.

So don’t let this chance pass you by.  Be there.

Please feel free to call me at 770-993-0004 or email me at if you have any questions or need additional information.

See you there,


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