The Networking Ninja – What Do They Notice About YOU?

Advertising agents are fond of saying, “We’ll get you noticed!”

And one thing’s for certain…if you want to sell a product or service…it is important to be noticed, right? 

But… be very careful WHAT you attract attention to.

 If you draw attention to the wrong thing, you’re screwed.  No one will see what you really wanted them to see, which should be your sales message.  And that means missed opportunities and missed sales.

Example:  Fancy graphics on websites, signs and vehicles are often very successful when it comes to capturing someone’s attention. However, they can…and often do…divert the viewer’s attention away from the real message we want them to receive, which is “Why You Should Do Business With ME!”

 The message ultimately gets overshadowed…or upstaged… by something else.

 I’ve included two very short videos in this letter to illustrate how easily our attention can be diverted.

Just click on the links below and enjoy…and THINK about how this could apply to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

And I hope you have a great day,


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