Networking Ninja Strategy – Get New Customers By Using Your Vehicle!

Do you drive a vehicle with commercial messaging on it?  If you do, you need to pay attention to this article!

A couple of weeks ago, I presented a seminar specifically for pest control operators.  The meeting was held at popular a restaurant located on a major, busy highway. There were about 25 people in attendance.

Every day, literally thousands of people (potential customers) pass up and down this particular stretch of highway.

Prior to beginning the seminar, I pointed out to everyone that only two of them had chosen to park their vehicles in front of the restaurant. Not only could everyone coming into the restaurant parking lot immediately see those two vehicles, but so could everyone passing along that busy stretch of highway.

All of the other vehicles were parked out back…behind the building…totally out of sight from the road.

My question to the attendees was this:  Why would you pay a lot of money to put the name of your company and your contact information on the side of your vehicle and then hide it by parking in the rear of a busy restaurant…completely out of sight of a busy highway… with tons of potential new customers passing by every minute?

What are you thinking?

Your vehicle is a rolling billboard for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

What do you want it to do for you besides just getting you from one place to another? 

Do you want your vehicle to act as a sales person and get you more new customers?

Do you want your vehicle to trigger a buying response in some stranger and cause them to write down your phone number and call you later to schedule an appointment?

Of course you do.

But…in order for those things to happen…your vehicle must be seen by them.


This includes restaurants, schools, churches & synagogues, grocery stores, town meeting halls, ball games, soccer practice, shopping malls,  swimming pools,  boat ramps, dog groomers,  friend’s houses, hair salons, tennis courts…and wherever else you go in your vehicle. 

Now…go move your vehicle to a good spot and let it work for YOU!

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I once heard Nido Qeubin, president of Highpoint University in High Point, North Carolina, tell the story of looking out his office window one day and noticing where students were taking a shortcut between to concrete walking paths. 

The students had actually worn a path through an island of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Nido called the college maintenance man to his office.  When the maintenance man arrived, Nido pointed out the window to the path. 

 “Look…the students have created a path between the walkways?”

The man replied, “Yes.  I just don’t know why they do that.  They should stay on the walkways and stay out of the flower beds.”

Nido replied, “I want you to get some concrete and pave that path they have created.”

Somewhat shocked, the maintenance man replied, “But sir, they already have a concrete walkway.”

Nido said to him… “But they don’t want to walk on the concrete path that goes all the way around the island.  They are showing you where they want to walk…and it is through the island.  So…give them what they want!”

This story is a great marketing message for YOU and YOUR COMPANY.

Are you giving your customers exactly what THEY want…or are you giving them what YOU want them to have?

Remember:  You are not your customer.  Don’t presume to know what they want.

If you will take the time to really observe your customers and listen closely to them, they will show you exactly what it is that they really want. 

And then it is up to YOU to give it to them.

If you are trying to force them to walk on a different path, they will soon create a path of their own…and it will most likely lead to one of your competitor’s front door!

Thanks for allowing me to share this story…and I hope you have a great day,


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