About Hal Coleman

 “Hal Coleman is referred to as “The Networking Ninja” because of the deadly effective style of  small business networking he has developed  in  his business community.   

And…he has a myriad of secrets, tips, strategies and techniques  to share with YOU that will allow YOU to get MORE REFERRALS and MORE NEW CUSTOMERS right in your own back yard!”


Dear Small Business Owner,

My name is Hal Coleman and  I want to help YOU be more successful. I want to show you tons of PROVEN, deadly effective ways to get more referrals and more new customers right in your own back yard!

 I want to show YOU how to effectively out-market your competition.

But first…why should you listen to me?

What do I know that you probably don’t?

Good questions.  I’ll try to answer the best I can.

 To start with, I’ll admit right up front…I don’t have any college degrees in marketing or advertising.

I don’t have a PHD in psychology or human behavior. And I’m not a professor or philosopher.

Nope.  None of those things. (Well, maybe I do a little philosophizing from time to time.  But you don’t need a special degree to do that.)

What I am is a small business owner…just like YOU.

What I have is thousands of hours of study, research and testing in local small business marketing and sales psychology.

  • I’ve owned and operated 7 profitable businesses over the past 36 years, including a pest control company which I grew from a “one-man-with-a-spray can” operation (Me) into a million dollar business. And I did it working an average of 5-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, buy using what I have learned. 
  • That business grew steadily, in solid double digits, through 3 bad economies.  The last year I owned my company, 2007/2008…which was the worse year of the recession…my company had 16% growth.
  • I’ve spent over 20 years and over $530,000.00 (that’s right, it’s a half million) of my own money on paid marketing and advertising. Websites, direct mail, yellow pages, flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, radio, television…you name it. 
  •  I’ve also spent years studying (still do), the psychology of selling, response triggers,  neuromarketing, psychological advertising, hypnotism, the subconscious mind, all in relation to what makes people do things…especially BUY things.
  • I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours attending seminars and workshops from some of the most brilliant marketing minds in the world.
  •  I’ve read volumes of books, programs, listened to and watched hundreds of hours of CDs, DVD’s on the subject of selling, buying and why people make such decisions.
  •  I have been coached and mentored by people who know infinitely more than I do about these subjects.  I have tried to learn everything THEY know, and test it in my own businesses to see if it really does work, so I can eventually pass it on to YOU.
  • I’ve also authored 5 books, including “The Networking Ninja Handbook”, an instruction book showing small business owners exactly, step-by-step, “How To Get More Referrals And More New Customers Right In Your Own Back Yard By Becoming A Master Networker And Communicator”. (go back to home page to purchase this book)

 So, now I’m referred to as a “Marketing Guru”.

 I’m “The Networking Ninja!”

I show small business people like YOU how to get lots of new customers in their community by creating powerful, dynamic, compelling, hypnotic, seductive, irresistible messages that generate  specific buying responses in people and cause them to choose to do business with YOU instead of your competition.

And I want  to show YOU exactly what I’ve learned!

 I spend almost all of my time (when I’m not fishing on the Chattahoochee River) helping other small business owners just  like YOU sell more of their products and services. And I am deeply passionate about it. I believe it is my true calling in life.

I have compiled all of my most effective, proven strategies and techniquies into my seminars and workshops to show YOU exactly how to achieve and create a steady stream of AUTOMATIC NEW BUSINESS showing up at YOUR DOOR.

And I can bring my events right into YOUR OFFICE for you and all of your employees!

Fee free to give me a call at 770-993-0004 or email Hal@HalColeman.com and let’s talk about some ways I can help YOU grow your small business!

I hope to hear from YOU soon,


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